Dance Floor, Sprung Floor Systems

Acceptable Flooring Uses

Gym / Gymnasium Floors

Not to Weight Room Floors

Basketball Courts

Not to Weight Room Floors

Volleyball Courts

Not to Weight Room Floors

Badminton Courts

Not to Weight Room Floors

Weight Rooms

Not to Weight Room Floors

Running Tracks

Not for running tracks

Low Maintenance Gym

Not for running tracks

Dance Floors /Aerobics Floor

Yes to Badmitton Court flooring usage

Stage Floors

Yes to Badmitton Court flooring usage

Sprung Flooring System for Dance Floors, Gymnastics, court floors

More Flooring Solutions available depending on your requirements and slab depression.

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Sprung Flooring

Premier is an easily installed, pre-fabricated, suspended floor system designed for permanent and temporary installation in theatres, studios, dance, aerobics and martial arts. Premier is primarily designed to provide consistent, and safe suspended flooring. An optional vinyl overlay is recommended.


Furnish a suspended, fully integrated modular wood floor system which provides a consistent, resilient surface with controlled rebound over entirety of the floor surface. Premier is designed for optional overlay surfaces.

Engineered Plywood:

3/4’thick plywood composed of 7-ply wood core and a finish veneer. Machined to rectangular dimensions and precise 90 degree angles. Optional top surface coated with environmentally safe, solvent free non-yellowing acrylic urethane.


3/4” Low-durometer “Premier” dance pads adhered to flooring.

Engineered Dowel:

Tongue is 3/8” diameter Engineered TNG with precise concentricity and placement. Groove is 3/8”
diameter edge groove machined to floor.

Optional Transition Ramps:

Custom made to the individual needs of the customer using the same material as the
floor and is ADA compliant

Surface Overlays:

All resilient flooring surfaces are compatible with the Premier Flooring system.

Vented Rubber Cove:

Consists of 3”x 4”vented rubber base to complete transition from floor to wall.


Theatres, Studios, Dance, Aerobics and Martial Arts.