Dance Floor, Sprung Floor Systems

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Acceptable Flooring Uses

Gym / Gymnasium Floors

Not to Weight Room Floors

Basketball Courts

Not to Weight Room Floors

Volleyball Courts

Not to Weight Room Floors

Badminton Courts

Not to Weight Room Floors

Weight Rooms

Not to Weight Room Floors

Running Tracks

Not for running tracks

Low Maintenance Gym

Not for running tracks

Dance Floors /Aerobics Floor

Yes to Badmitton Court flooring usage

Stage Floors

Yes to Badmitton Court flooring usage
Tap Dance Floors Yes to Badmitton Court flooring usage


Portable Dance Floors

Portable Dance Flooring is leading the way in dance floor surfacing. This is an economical, easy to install and remove, portable dance floor that can be used over a variety of sub-surfaces, such as carpet, wood, concrete, and more. Portable Dance Floors are perfect for your Tap Dance Flooring.


  • Aluminum oxide wear layer (available on wood finish products) that is scuff resistant, easy to clean, and provides a longer lasting dance surface.
  • Quick installation and disassembly with easy storage (storage carts available)
  • Secure locking system for strength and stability
  • Easy replacement of individual tiles takes only minutes should they become damaged
  • 3" transition edging available and installs easily
  • 3 year limited warranty

Specifications for Portable Dance Flooring:

Dimensions: 12"x12"x1/2" (30.5cm x 30.5cm x 12.7mm)

Weight: 1.65 lbs (748g)/ Tile

Load Bearing Capacity: 160 psi

Portable Dance Floor Color Options:

Portable Dance Floor Color Options

How to determine how many tiles you need:

Tiles are sold in 32 Square Foot Boxes. Boxes cannot be broken. This method will help you determine how many boxes are needed to create your portable dance floor.

Minimum Purchase is 1 Box of 32 Square Feet.

Step 1. Measure your area that you want to cover with the portable dance floor.

Step 2. Multiply your width by length to determin your square footage of the portable dance floor tiles needed. Example: 20 Ft Wide X 20 Ft Long = 400 Square Feet.

Step 3. Divide your square footage needed by 32 Square feet in each box to determine how many boxes are required for your project. Example: 400 Square feet ÷ 32 Square Feet = 12.5.

Step 4. Round up to the next full box. Example: 12.5 rounds up to 13 full boxes are needed for your portable dance floor.

Please call our staff and we can help confirm your measurements and answer any questions.

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