Synthetic Wood Grain Sport court Floors

Elastiroll and Elastitile Sample Weight Room Flooring System

Acceptable Flooring Uses

Gym / Gymnasium Floors

Yes to Badmitton Court flooring usage

Basketball Courts

Yes to Badmitton Court flooring usage

Volleyball Courts

Yes to Badmitton Court flooring usage

Badminton Courts

Yes to Badmitton Court flooring usage

Weight Rooms

Yes to Badmitton Court flooring usage

Running Tracks

Not for running tracks

Low Maintenance Gym

Not for Low Maintenance Gym Floors

Dance Floors /Aerobics Floor

Yes to Badmitton Court flooring usage

Stage Floors

not for Stage Floors

More Flooring Solutions available depending on your requirements and slab depression.

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Elastiroll™ / Elastitile™ Synthetic Weight Room Flooring Systems

For those who prefer the durability of polymeric bound recycled rubber and colored EPDM granules, these surfaces withstand the toughest demands. These Rolls or Mats are available in various color options.

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Connor Sports Flooring™ has developed more than 50,000 projects worldwide with its network of over 220 independent dealers. We continually surpass the expectations of even the most demanding coaches, players, architects and builders. ElastiRoll/ElastiMat™
is the highest quality granule rubber flooring – durable and resilient.


  • Applications are virtually limitless for these 8mm thick rolls and square tiles
  • The smooth, dense surface is easy to maintain
  • Engineered to absorb sound, stand up for years, and are suitable for a variety of subfloors, including locker
    rooms, rink perimeters, weight rooms and game rooms
Manufacturing ISO9001:2000 Certified
System Type Recycled Rubber Roll or Tile
Weight 1.9 lbs/SF
Thickness 8mm

Mat: 36" x 36"
Roll: 4' wide x 15' to 50' long

Load Management Excellent
Elongation at break 118%
Color Availablity Various Colors (See below)
Installation options For tile installations, always stagger seam alignment in the Ashlar brick pattern
Color Samples
Elastiroll Blue 2043 Elastiroll Grey Elastiroll Tile Sample color red
Blue 2043 Grey 2046 Red 2165
Elastiroll sample yellow Elastiroll sample green Elastiroll tile sample black
Yellow 2063 Green 4776 Black 2546