Synthetic Wood Grain Sport court Floors

Acceptable Flooring Uses

Gym / Gymnasium Floors

Yes to Gym Floors flooring usage

Basketball Courts

Yes to Basketball Court flooring usage

Volleyball Courts

Yes to Volleyball Court flooring usage

Badminton Courts

Yes to Badmitton Court flooring usage

Weight Rooms

Not to Weight Room Floors

Running Tracks

Not for running tracks

Low Maintenance Gym

Not for Low Maintenance Gym Floors

Dance Floors /Aerobics Floor

Not floor dances

Stage Floors

Yes to Badmitton Court flooring usage

More Flooring Solutions available depending on your requirements and slab depression.

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Alliance™ Fixed Resilient Maple Flooring

An anchored sports floor system providing adjustable performance levels, consisting in general of a vapor barrier, pre-manufactured subfloor panels adjusted as specified, anti-squeak collared steel anchors, resilient Rezill pads, maple flooring, sanding, sealers, finishes, game lines and wall base.

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Fixed Resilient


Singular Pinned (Design Group 3)


Sleeper Panel


Rezill Pads
NIKE GRIND ONLY Connor offers flooring systems with Nike Grind Components
  • 25/32" flooring
    2 1/4"
  • 33/32" flooring
    2 1/2"
DIN STATUS Meets or exceeds all the requirements of DIN 18032, part 2.
TESTING LABORATORY United States Sports Surfacing Laboratory
CERTIFIED TESTING Laboratory test equipment
calibrated and certified through the ISSS
GREEN STATUS Managed forests, certification available