• Fitness Club Flooring Beautifies and Restores Your Court Floor
  • Athletic Court Flooring Install, Resealing Preserves the Durability of your Court Floor
  • Basketball Court Flooring Installation and Service Annual Recoating and Finishing

Athletic Wood Court Flooring Service:
Annual Re-coating

Recoating saves your hardwood gym floor

Every year that passes, your hardwood wears down. If you let it go too long, it wears so far that a full resanding and refinishing is required. This is much more expensive and more time consuming than an annual recoating.

Recoating is preventative maintenance

Inspect your floor for excessive wear around the basketball hoop and near entry doorways. When you see excessive wear here, you should call us for inspection. Often times the annual recoating service can be applied to protect your hardwood floor from a complete sanding and refinishing service.

Recoating restores your gym floor's beauty

With our annual recoating service, we fully prepare the floor first. We use special cleaners and preparation chemicals that maximize the coating's ability to beautify and protect. Once you have a properly applied recoat, your gym floor will look like new again! Our service usually takes one day and is ready for play the very next day.

Call us today for a quote on an annual recoat of your gym floor!

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