• Basketball Court Flooring Installation and Service Game Line Striping
  • Athletic Court Flooring Install, Resealing Sanding and Refinishing
  • Fitness Club Flooring Yearly Recoating
  • Fitness Club Flooring Moisture Remediation
  • Fitness Club Flooring Shot Blast and Grinding
  • Fitness Club Flooring Self Leveling Cement

Flooring Repair and Services Summary

We offer:

In addition to installing custom flooring for your court, sports, stage or dance floor, we also provide top-notch pro flooring services.

Our Experience Adds Great Value, Here's How

In the 2 decades of serving our customers, we have encountered just about every type of job possible many times. In our journey to achieving excellence for our customers, we have solved many problems. From figuring out how to sand and refinish your basketball court quickly and expertly, to fixing water or uneven cement problems.

Our experience means we do the job right the first time. We know the solutions to whatever your flooring problem is, and we are knowledgeable and expert at applying the solution. We have accumulated the right equipment and personnel that allow us to do the job right.

Whatever your Flooring Service, Troubleshooting or Repair needs are,
call Hur Flooring Co. for the best solution!