• Fitness Club Flooring Over 20 Years in Business
  • Sport Court Flooring Installation and Service Serving California & Southern Nevada
  • Basketball Court Flooring Installation and Service Knowledgeable Staff
  • Athletic Court Flooring Install, Resealing Large teams mean faster installs
  • Hardwood Floor Gymnasium Installations Complete Sales & Service Supplier
  • Hardwoord Floor Installations, Gym Large, Expert Team of Installers

About Hur Flooring Co.

Hur Flooring Company started over 20 years by owner, Michael Hur, has become one of the most sought after companies for Gym and Athletic Floor installations in California and Southern Nevada.

Over 20 year experience translates to value

In the world of flooring for commercial and institutional purposes, experience is extremely valuable. Our years in business has given us great insight into helping you with just the right flooring solutions for your specifications. Our experience saves you money because we help you avoid very costly mistakes that less experienced companies haven't encountered yet.

We are a full service and sales supplier

We help your or your organization from start to finish -- and beyond! We provide you with the knowledge you need to make the very best decision for YOUR needs. Then, our staff assists you in choosing the right type of flooring for your situation.

We then do all the measuring, ordering and installation of the flooring. Once it's installed, we are there to handle any issues that may arise from damage. Then, we perform the maintenance services that keep the flooring long-lasting and durable.

We provide many flooring services and repairs

Our staff can help with the annual resealing / re-coating to ensure proper protection and performance from your athletic court floors. Our experts will sand and seal your athletic court flooring to restore it to its original beauty and performance. We handle flooring repairs caused from damage from water and other causes. Additionally, we provide the Game Line Striping of your court flooring.